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Technology Help

Technology Help

Technology Help for New ERHS Students

Welcome to Emerald Ridge! As you begin your time here as a JAG, we would like to make sure you are able to access the key pieces of technology that will help you stay connected and well informed.

Help is also available at EdTech by calling 253-841-8600

Computer Log-In
Your User Name is your 6 digit Student ID# (which you will do well to memorize ASAP!) Your password is also 6 digits. It is your First Name Initial, Last Name Initial and the Month and Day of your Birthdate. (e.g. John Smith born March 7, 2002 would be JS0307)

Schoology Log-In
After you long onto a school computer, you will see the Schoology Icon. Click on the icon and use the same User Name and Password you just used for logging into the school computer. Once you have logged into Schoology form a school computer, you will be able to download the free Schoology app on your smart phone. After the app had downloaded, search for Puyallup School District. You will use the same User Name and Password you used above. If you want to log into Schoology from a home computer, be sure to go to

Home Access Center (HAC)
Home Access Center (or HAC) is where you can check semester grades, test scores and register for classes. You can get to HAC by going to The User Name is your Student ID# and the Password for the first time you log into HAC is: reset123. You will be prompted to change this password the first time you log in, so choose a password that is meaningful and easy for you to remember. The password for HAC must be at least 8 digits long. Suggestion – us your full birthdate: e.g. John Smith born March 7, 2002 would be JS030702  

Microsoft Office 365
All students are assigned a Microsoft 365 account when they enroll in the Puyallup School District. This enables you to do assignment sand store them on One Drive where your work can be easily accessed from home or school. Google Docs is not available on school computers, so it is important for you to switch over to One Drive. From home, go to or To log in, type your